Hair Colour Correction

Visit The Hair Colour Correction Experts at Ahead Salons in Wirral

Have you had a home hair colour disaster? First thing is first - do not dye over your hair! We see this time and time again where a client has home dyed their hair, it's turned out wrong, they panic and think that dyeing over the problem hair colour will rectify it. Dyeing over the hair colour could cause more damage to your hair, which could cause costly to repair.

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What Happens During My Hair Colour Correction Appointment?

It is vital that when hair colour goes wrong you seek professional advice immediately. Remain calm and book in for a quick consultation at ahead salons in Wirral. We can fully assess the damage and identify how we can rectify and restore your hair colour and let you know how much it will cost. 

Remember, please don't try this at home! Our expert colour technicians at ahead salons in Wirral have spent years dedicated to training and implementing their hair colour skills. 

Common Hair Colour Problems

Of course, it isn't just home hair colour disasters that we deal with here at ahead for her & for him, hair colour correction problems are rectified by our team on a daily basis. Other hair colour correction problems could include:

  • Highlights that are too orange in colour
  • Bleach damaged hair that needs some TLC
  • Bands of hair colour that have overlapped causing varying degrees of colour throughout the hair
  • Patchy hair colour (especially round the back of the head which cannot be easily reached)
  • Hair that has been damaged from over processing

Remember, the moral of the story when it comes to vibrant, show stopping hair colour is that it cannot be found in the bottom of a bottle! 

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Book Your Hair Colour Correction Consultation at Ahead4Him & Her Salons in Wirral

Call Ahead4Him & Her salons in Wirral on 0151 902 0008 opt 2 to book in for a hair colour correction consultation. We will discuss the look you desire, the process, how to care for your hair and the costs involved.