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Stunning Hair Colour Results at Ahead Salons in Heswall & Bromborough, Wirral

We can create sensational hair colour at ahead for her hair salons in Bromborough & Heswall, Wirral from brilliant blondes, brunettes and radiant reds to on-trend balayage, ombre and pastel hair colours. Our hair colour experts will take the time during your hair colour consultation to discuss the look you are after, assess the condition of your hair, and work out what can realistically be achieved with your hair colour.

We also offer hair colour correction appointments if you have had a home hair colouring disaster, so do not despair if your hair doesn't match the model on the side of the box… help is at hand at ahead for her & for him!

Please note: Clients who are new to hair colour or who have not had their hair coloured at the salon in the past six months are required to have a quick skin allergy patch test 48 hours prior to their hair colour appointment. 

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Hair Colour Transformations

A hair colour makeover can liven up dull hair colour or warm a lighter look. A full colour transformation can brighten up your complexion, boost your confidence, make you feel great on the inside and look fabulous on the outside!

All Over Hair Colour 

All over hair colours are perfect for those wanting a single hair colour covering all of the hair, and is ideal for covering grey hair. This doesn't necessarily have to mean permanent hair colours, as semi permanent hair dyes and toners can also produce some fantastic results when it comes to hair colour coverage. 

Many people think hair colour is easy to recreate at home using boxed hair colours. Be warned, whilst attempting to colour your hair at home you can cause damage to the condition of your hair, overlapping colour and causing noticeable bands of hair colour to appear. Even all-over colour should always be recreated in a professional salon for the best possible results.

Highlights & Lowlights 

For a more understated hair colour transformation, clients may want to consider highlights or lowlights. Hair colour is sliced or woven through your hair to create the look you desire – whether that is a subtle multi-dimensional blend of colours or a bolder, more defined placement of colours. Don't forget to bring in a picture of any hair colours that you like and we can make it work for you!

On-Trend Hair Colours 

Whatever you desire, we can create fashionable looks with the latest hair colours. Whether it’s flashes of bright colour, pastel hues, sun-kissed balayage or bold all-over hair colours, we will work with you to create a hair colour as unique as you!

Remember that if you want an on-trend lighter fashion colour, such as pale pink, then your hair would need to be lightened before we add the colour. Your ahead colour specialist will discuss the colour you desire at your consultation and what we can realistically achieve without compromising the condition of your hair. 

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Hair Colour Correction at Top Salon in Wirral

We've all seen the rows and rows hair colours in a box in the supermarket or at the chemist, and whilst it may be tempting to save money on a box hair colour, what happens when that hair colour goes wrong? Click here to read more about hair colour correction services at Ahead4Her.

Covering Grey Hair & Root Regrowth 

Covering grey hair to create a more youthful look, touching up root regrowth to maintain your hair colour can really improve the way you look and feel. Whether you want to blend in those pesky grey hairs to cover them up completely, we can help! Don’t worry about diving in and going permanent straight away – you can always choose a toner or semi-permanent colour!

The ahead colour specialists will work with you, guiding you through the available hair colour options and colouring techniques that are perfect for you and your hair type.

Balayage Hair Colour 

Balayage is a French word meaning ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’. The freehand technique allows our team of colourists to create a wide range of looks from sun-kissed, natural-looking hair colour to more dramatic looks.  

One of the biggest benefits with a balayage hair colour is that it is low maintenance, with much less noticeable regrowth lines in between appointments. Using the balayage technique, we can achieve a soft finish which usually involves creating subtle highlights around the crown, with face framing highlights and the colour growing lighter towards the ends.

Find out more about our balayage hair colouring services here.

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Hair Colour Appointments at Ahead Salons in Heswall & Bromborough

Book your hair colour appointment at our Heswall & Bromborough hair salons by calling us on 0151 902 0008 or you can book online here.